Enter a peaceful sanctuary, and leave your daily stresses at the door. Prepare to unwind, rejuvenate, and be the center of attention. Every effort is made to calm your body, settle your mind, and restore your energy in a nurturing, soothing manner.
Welcome to Whispering Winds of Change

About, Heather Andrews, LMT

Heather moved to the Boothbay Region in 1991 with her husband and two small children. She chose Boothbay Harbor because of the incredible beauty and family ties. Although Heather's college career had nothing to do with massage therapy, she always had a fascination with the body/mind connection. After her children were grown and off to college, she decided to pursue a 15 year dream of going back to school to learn about the body and its miraculous ability to heal and recover. Heather studied Reiki, Polarity, and Massage Therapy, graduating at the top of her class. 10 + years later, Heather is still impressed, intrigued, honored, and full of wonder when working with the human body. She is dedicated to helping people explore their body's ability to heal and be at peace.

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" -Hippocrates

Services Offered

Whispering Winds of Change offers a wide variety of massage and energy work services, tailored to fit your needs.

Whispering Winds Massage Head, Neck, and Shoulder Back, Neck, and Shoulder
The ultimate relaxing experience. This Swedish Massage combines the power of aromatherapy with steaming hot towels to relax the body and unravel tension deep within the muscles.
60 min~ $85
A concentrated massage for quick relief from daily stress.
30 min~$50
Target the areas of your body where you hold all of your stress and tension. This upper body treatment will help you unwind and set you free.
30 min~$50
Teen Massage 1/2 Hour Massage 1 1/2 Hour Massage
Traditional Swedish massage at student rates.
45 min~$45
A mini massage of your choice.
30 min~$50
A massage of your choice.
90 min~$135

Complimentary Services

Energy Balancing Reiki [Ray-Kee]
Reclaim harmony and balance with this relaxing crystal layout,
leaving you restored and energized. Client remains fully clothed.
$40 ~ Session
Reiki is a peaceful, healing touch that promotes health, well-being, and stress reduction. Reiki balances and restores body, mind, and spirit, leaving one deeply relaxed, peaceful and whole. Client remains fully clothed.
60 min ~ $75

Connect with Whispering Winds of Change

To book your appointment, call or text 207.380.5863

Whispering Winds of Change is open by appointment Monday - Friday

As a small business, we appreciate and accept cash and check only.

We are happy to offer free off-street parking for our clients.

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